What Does the Tarot Say About My Luck in the Second Half of the Year?



Upright: The Lovers, The Sun, The EmpressReversed: The Tower, The Devil

Your love life is set to blossom in the second half of the year. Singles may find themselves in a whirlwind romance, while those in committed relationships will experience renewed passion and intimacy. owever, there may be a period of turmoil and upheaval (The Tower) in August or September, potentially testing the strength of your bond. Communication (The Empress) will be key to navigating these challenges and emerging stronger as a couple.


Upright: The Chariot, The Wheel of Fortune, The ierophantReversed: The anged Man, The Moon

Your career path is set to accelerate in the coming months. You will feel empowered and motivated to take on new challenges and pursue your ambitions. There may be opportunities for advancement or recognition, especially in October or December. owever, it’s important to be patient (The anged Man) when things don’t go exactly as planned and to trust that the universe has a greater plan for you (The Wheel of Fortune).


Upright: The Ace of Pentacles, The World, The Fortune WheelReversed: The Nine of Pentacles, The Five of Coins

Your financial situation is looking promising in the second half of the year. You may receive a substantial windfall, a raise, or a new job that improves your income. owever, it’s important to be mindful of your spending and avoid taking on excessive debt. The Nine of Pentacles reversed indicates a potential financial setback in November, so it’s wise to plan accordingly.


Upright: The Temperance, The Sun, The Six of CupsReversed: The Chariot, The Tower

Your health is likely to be good overall in the second half of the year. You will feel balanced and energized (Temperance), and your immune system will be strong. owever, there may be a minor health issue (The Chariot reversed) in July or August, such as a cold or a minor injury. It’s important to take care of yourself and seek medical attention if necessary.


Upright: The Judgement, The Justice, The Ace of CupsReversed: The Four of Swords, The Devil

Your relationships with family and friends are set to thrive in the coming months. You will feel connected and supported, and you will have the opportunity to strengthen existing bonds and make new ones. owever, there may be a brief period of conflict (The Four of Swords) in September or October, potentially related to misunderstandings or unresolved issues. Forgiveness (The Devil reversed) will be essential for restoring harmony.

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