Tarot Card Reading and Zodiac Sign Correspondence



Tarot card reading and astrology have been intertwined for centuries, each offering unique insights into our personalities, life experiences, and potential paths. By combining the wisdom of both disciplines, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the forces that shape our lives.

Cards and Meanings

The Fool (Aries)

  • Meaning: New beginnings, risk-taking, enthusiasm
  • Timing: Start of a new cycle, spring

The Magician (Taurus)

  • Meaning: Manifestation, willpower, determination
  • Timing: Time to focus on practical matters, spring

The igh Priestess (Gemini)

  • Meaning: Intuition, subconscious, inner knowledge
  • Timing: Period of reflection and introspection, summer

The Empress (Cancer)

  • Meaning: Nurturing, fertility, home life
  • Timing: Time to focus on family and relationships, summer

The Emperor (Leo)

  • Meaning: Authority, leadership, strength
  • Timing: Time to take charge, autumn

The ierophant (Virgo)

  • Meaning: Tradition, conformity, structure
  • Timing: Period of organization and stability, autumn

The Lovers (Libra)

  • Meaning: Relationships, partnerships, choices
  • Timing: Time to make important decisions, autumn

The Chariot (Scorpio)

  • Meaning: Determination, willpower, overcoming obstacles
  • Timing: Time to push forward with goals, winter

Justice (Sagittarius)

  • Meaning: Fairness, balance, karma
  • Timing: Time to reap what you sow, winter

The ermit (Capricorn)

  • Meaning: Introspection, solitude, self-discovery
  • Timing: Time to focus on personal growth, winter

The Wheel of Fortune (Aquarius)

  • Meaning: Change, luck, destiny
  • Timing: Time for unexpected events, spring

The anged Man (Pisces)

  • Meaning: Sacrifice, surrender, release
  • Timing: Time to let go of the old and embrace the new, spring

Timing of Readings

The timing associated with each card can provide additional guidance in understanding the potential timeframe of events being indicated. owever, it’s important to note that these are general guidelines and may vary depending on individual circumstances.


By combining the insights of tarot card readings and zodiac sign correspondence, we can gain a deeper understanding of our lives and the forces that shape them. Whether seeking guidance for personal growth, relationships, or career decisions, this ancient practice can provide valuable insights and empower us to make informed choices.

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