How to Perform a Tarot Reading for Good Fortune Predictions



Tarot cards have been used for centuries to provide guidance and insight into the future. While it is important to remember that no reading is set in stone, they can offer valuable information about potential paths and opportunities that lie ahead. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform a tarot reading focused on predictions of good fortune.


  • Tarot deck
  • Quiet space
  • Clear mind and open heart

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Set Your Intention

Begin by setting your intention for the reading. What do you hope to gain from this experience? Are you seeking guidance on a specific aspect of your life or looking for general predictions?

2. Shuffle and Cut the Deck

old the deck in your hands and shuffle it thoroughly. As you shuffle, focus on your intention and allow any distracting thoughts to drift away. Once you feel ready, divide the deck into three piles and then place the top pile on the bottom, the middle pile in the middle, and the bottom pile on top.

3. Draw Your Cards

Draw three cards from the top of the deck. These cards will represent:

  • Card 1: The current situation
  • Card 2: The potential for good fortune
  • Card 3: The path to manifesting good fortune

4. Interpret the Cards

Upright Positions:

  • Card 1: Assess the positive aspects of your current situation that can contribute to good fortune.
  • Card 2: Identify specific opportunities or blessings that are likely to come your way.
  • Card 3: Focus on the actions, choices, and attitudes that will lead you towards good fortune.

Reversed Positions:

  • Card 1: Acknowledge any challenges or blockages that may need to be addressed before good fortune can manifest.
  • Card 2: Consider potential obstacles or delays that may hinder the arrival of good fortune.
  • Card 3: Re-evaluate your approach or mindset, as it may be holding you back from achieving good fortune.

Additional Tips

  • Trust Your Intuition: Pay attention to your inner voice and any intuitive insights that accompany the card interpretations.
  • Stay Positive: Maintain a positive mindset throughout the reading. Good fortune is drawn to those who radiate positivity.
  • Take Action: Use the guidance from the cards to inform your decisions and actions. Remember, good fortune is not just about luck; it is also about making the most of opportunities.
  • Be Patient: Good fortune may not manifest immediately. Trust the process and allow time for things to unfold naturally.
  • Practice Regularly: The more you practice tarot reading, the more attuned you will become to the subtle messages and guidance they offer.


By following these steps and embracing the principles of intention, intuition, and action, you can effectively perform a tarot reading to predict future good fortune. Remember that these readings are meant to provide insights and possibilities, not absolute truths. Embrace the guidance with an open heart and use it to create a future filled with abundance and joy.

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