Tarot Reading: Future Boyfriend’s Ex


The Cards

1. The Lovers (Reversed) – Past love, indecision, challenges

2. The Chariot – Determination, success, triumph

3. The World – Completion, fulfillment, achievement

4. The Tower (Reversed) – Disruption, upheaval, change

5. The Sun – Joy, success, vitality


Past Love

The reversed Lovers card suggests that your future boyfriend has experienced a significant past relationship that has left its mark. This relationship may have been passionate but ultimately led to challenges and indecision. The two people involved may have struggled to communicate effectively or felt restricted in some way.


The Chariot, representing determination, suggests that your future boyfriend is determined to overcome any communication barriers from his past relationship. e is driven to express himself clearly and connect with you on a deep level. owever, the reversed Tower card indicates that there may still be some residual resistance or resistance to change when it comes to communication.

Growth and Change

The World card signifies completion and fulfillment. This suggests that your future boyfriend has learned and grown from his past experiences and is now ready to embark on a new chapter. The reversed Tower card also implies that he is open to change and has the strength to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

Emotional Stability

The Sun card, associated with joy and vitality, indicates that your future boyfriend is likely to be emotionally stable and supportive. e is radiating positivity and has a genuine desire to connect with you on a meaningful level. The warmth and radiance of this card suggest that he is capable of bringing light and happiness into your life.

Additional Insights

Empathy and Understanding

Your future boyfriend has likely developed a deep sense of empathy and understanding through his past experiences. e is able to relate to your emotions and perspectives, which can foster a strong emotional bond between you.

Independence and Self-Reflection

Despite his past relationship, your future boyfriend values his independence and has spent time reflecting on his own needs and values. e is not afraid to take time for himself and introspect, which can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling partnership.

Communication and Compromise

While open communication is important, your future boyfriend understands the value of compromise and finding common ground. e is willing to listen to your perspectives and work together to resolve any differences.

Emotional ealing

The reversed Tower card suggests that your future boyfriend has not fully healed from his past relationship. There may still be some emotional wounds that need time to heal. Be patient and understanding, and offer support as he navigates this process.

Spiritual Growth

The World card signifies that your future boyfriend is on a spiritual journey of growth and enlightenment. e is open to exploring new perspectives and expanding his consciousness. is spiritual awareness can bring depth and meaning into your relationship.

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