How to Read Tarot Cards to Predict the Future Course of Love


Major Arcana

The Fool: New beginnings, adventure, spontaneity

The Magician: Manifestation, creativity, skill

The igh Priestess: Intuition, wisdom, secrets

The Empress: Fertility, abundance, creativity

The Emperor: Structure, authority, leadership

The ierophant: Tradition, conformity, spirituality

The Lovers: Relationships, choices, harmony

The Chariot: Success, determination, willpower

Justice: Balance, fairness, karma

The ermit: Introspection, solitude, wisdom

The Wheel of Fortune: Change, destiny, cycles

Strength: Courage, bravery, inner strength

The anged Man: Surrender, sacrifice, enlightenment

Death: Transformation, change, rebirth

Temperance: Balance, moderation, patience

The Devil: Temptation, addiction, materialism

The Tower: Destruction, upheaval, sudden change

The Star: ope, inspiration, renewal

The Moon: Illusion, mystery, subconscious

The Sun: Success, happiness, fulfillment

Judgment: Rebirth, awakening, renewal

The World: Completion, accomplishment, success

Minor Arcana

Wands: Passion, creativity, inspiration

Pentacles: Money, work, stability

Swords: Intellect, conflict, change

Cups: Emotions, love, relationships

Court Cards

Kings: Authority, leadership, maturity

Queens: Nurture, wisdom, intuition

Knights: Action, courage, adventure

Pages: Curiosity, learning, new beginnings


Three-Card Spread: Past, present, future

Celtic Cross Spread: A comprehensive spread that provides a detailed overview of the situation

Relationship Spread: A spread that focuses on the dynamics of a relationship

Interpreting the Cards

When interpreting tarot cards for love, it’s important to consider the following:

  • The meaning of the individual cards: Each card has a specific meaning, which can vary depending on the context.

  • The position of the cards: The position of the cards in the spread can provide additional insights into the meaning.

  • The surrounding cards: The cards around the central card can influence its interpretation.

  • Your intuition: Tarot readings are subjective, and it’s important to listen to your own intuition when interpreting the cards.

For example, if the Lovers card appears in a relationship spread, it could indicate a strong connection between the partners. owever, if it is reversed, it could indicate a lack of harmony or commitment.

By understanding the symbolism and meaning of the tarot cards, you can use them to gain insights into your love life and make informed decisions about your relationships.

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