Future Love and Past Love Readings in Tarot


Karma – Destiny – Free Will

Future Love Reading

In a future love reading, the cards can provide insight into potential romantic relationships that may come into your life. The cards can reveal the qualities of your future partner, the nature of the relationship, and the potential for long-term compatibility.- The Lovers: This card signifies a strong and passionate connection with a potential partner. It represents a deep sense of mutual understanding and support.- The Chariot: This card suggests a successful and fulfilling relationship. It indicates that you are likely to make progress in your love life and achieve your relationship goals.- The World: This card represents completion and fulfillment. It implies that your future love relationship will be a source of great joy and happiness.

Past Love Reading

A past love reading can shed light on previous romantic relationships that have shaped your life. The cards can reveal the reasons why those relationships ended, the lessons you learned, and the impact they have had on your current love life.- The Tower: This card signifies sudden and unexpected change. It may indicate a past relationship that ended abruptly or left you feeling emotionally shattered.- The anged Man: This card represents sacrifice and letting go. It suggests that you may have given up on a past relationship in order to make room for personal growth or a more fulfilling connection.- The Devil: This card warns of potential entanglements or toxic relationships. It may indicate a past relationship that drained you emotionally or held you back from pursuing your true desires.

Karma, Destiny, and Free Will

Tarot readings can provide guidance and insight into your past, present, and future love life. owever, it is important to remember that the cards do not dictate your destiny. They represent potential outcomes and provide you with the opportunity to make conscious choices about your love life.

Karma: Karma is the universal law of cause and effect. Your past actions and intentions have an impact on your present circumstances. By understanding your past love experiences, you can learn from your mistakes and create a more positive future.

Destiny: Destiny refers to the predetermined path or life purpose that you are meant to fulfill. While your destiny is not set in stone, the choices you make can influence the direction of your life. Tarot readings can provide clues about your destiny and help you align your actions with your true purpose.

Free Will: Free will is the ability to make your own choices and shape your own life. You have the power to decide how you interpret the cards and to take action towards creating the future you desire.

By understanding the interplay between karma, destiny, and free will, you can take responsibility for your love life and manifest the relationships that are meant for you.

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