How to Do a Tarot Card Reading for the Future – Destiny, Growth, Decisions, Relationships, Self



Tarot card readings have been used for centuries to gain insight into the future and illuminate the path ahead. By harnessing the power of symbolism and intuition, you can utilize this ancient practice to uncover hidden truths, explore potential outcomes, and empower your decision-making.

Getting Started

1. Gather Your Materials:– Tarot deck of your choice- Quiet and private space- Pen and paper for taking notes (optional)

2. Set Your Intention:– Clearly define the question or area you seek guidance on.- Be specific and open-minded, allowing the cards to reveal what you need to know.

The Reading Process

1. Shuffle the Deck:– Shuffle the cards thoroughly, allowing your subconscious to infuse them with your energy.

2. Cut the Deck:– With your left hand (or whichever hand you don’t write with), cut the deck into three piles.

3. Choose Your Cards:– Stack the leftmost pile on top of the middle pile, then place the rightmost pile on top.- Turn over the top three cards from the deck, placing them in a horizontal line.

Card Interpretation

1. Past:– The leftmost card represents the past influences or events shaping your present situation.

2. Present:– The middle card indicates the current state of affairs, your thoughts, and actions.

3. Future:– The rightmost card reveals potential future outcomes based on your current path.

Interpreting the Cards

Each card carries its own unique symbolism and meaning. Refer to a tarot guidebook or your own intuition to decode their messages. Consider the following factors:

  • Upright Position: Positive or favorable interpretation.
  • Reversed Position: Negative or challenging interpretation.
  • Card Combinations: Adjacent cards can modify or amplify each other’s meanings.
  • Your Own Intuition: Trust your gut feeling and insights.

Exploring Potential Outcomes

Once you have interpreted the initial three-card spread, you can explore alternative paths or potential outcomes by asking additional questions.

1. Yes/No Questions:– Shuffle the deck again and draw one card. Upright is “yes,” reversed is “no.”

2. Clarification Cards:– Draw one or more additional cards to gain further insight into a particular aspect of the reading.

3. Time Frames:– Ask clarifying questions to determine the time frame of the predicted outcomes.

Applying the Insights

1. Reflect and Meditate:– Take time to contemplate the card meanings and how they resonate with your life.

2. Trust and Empowerment:– Believe in the guidance provided by the cards and use it to empower your decisions.

3. Embrace Growth:– Recognize that future outcomes are not set in stone and embrace the potential for growth and change.


Tarot card readings can be a powerful tool for exploring the future, empowering decision-making, and unearthing hidden truths. By embracing the symbolism and trusting your intuition, you can unlock the wisdom of the cards and illuminate the path ahead with clarity and purpose.

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