April Relationship Reconciliation Tarot Card Reading


Key words: Reconciliation, Communication, Growth, ealing, Forgiveness

Present Situation

The igh Priestess card often symbolizes mysteries, secrets, and hidden feelings. Based on her position in this spread, it is possible that you or your partner may be withholding information that could potentially help the reconciliation process. There may also be unaddressed underlying issues that must be brought to the forefront for healing.


The Three of Swords card indicates the presence of emotional pain, conflict, and heartbreak. Reconciliation may be hindered by feelings of betrayal, anger, or hurt from the past. It is important to address these emotions openly and honestly, and to be willing to forgive and let go of the pain.


The presence of the Chariot card suggests that effective communication with movement and progress toward reconciliation is possible. Be clear and direct in your communication, but be sure to do so in a respectful and compassionate manner. Active listening and patience are also essential.


The Ten of Pentacles card symbolizes material abundance, but it can also represent emotional stability and growth. The card’s placement in this position indicates that reconciliation may offer a sense of security and stability to both parties. It is important to nurture your relationship and invest in its long-term potential.


The Six of Cups card stands for healing, memories, and the sweetness of past experiences. Reconciling with a past partner may bring about a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality. This card encourages you to focus on the positive aspects of your relationship and to let the past guide you towards forgiveness and healing.

Potential Outcome

The Justice card, while traditionally associated with legal matters, can also symbolize fairness, balance, and karma. In the context of reconciliation, the Justice card suggests that a fair and equitable resolution is possible. It is important to recognize any lessons that need to be learned from past mistakes and to approach reconciliation with the intention of creating a more balanced and harmonious partnership.


The Strength card encourages you to draw upon your inner strength and courage to overcome any obstacles that may arise during the reconciliation process. Trust in your intuition and rely on your own wisdom to guide you towards the best possible outcome. Be patient with yourself and with your partner, and never give up on the possibility of finding peace and love together.

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