The Tower Tarot Spread


Keywords: – Change, Transformation, Upheaval, Revolution, Sudden Events


The Tower Tarot Spread is a powerful and transformative layout that reveals sudden and dramatic changes in your life. It brings to light unexpected events, challenges, and obstacles that will force you to reassess your current situation and make major adjustments. This spread can indicate a period of upheaval, crisis, and destruction, but it also holds the potential for liberation and renewal.


Card 1 (Base): This card represents the foundation of the situation you are currently facing. It highlights the stability and security that you have built, as well as the challenges that may be present.

Card 2 (Catalyst): This card identifies the triggering event or action that will initiate the upheaval. It can point to a sudden change, a conflict, or an external force that will disrupt your life.

Card 3 (Consequence): This card reveals the immediate outcome of the catalyst event. It shows the consequences of the change and how it will impact your current circumstances.

Card 4 (Lesson): This card offers insight into the lessons you need to learn from this experience. It highlights the hidden opportunities for growth and transformation that can arise from the upheaval.

Card 5 (Path Forward): This card provides guidance on the path forward after the transformative event. It shows you the steps you need to take to navigate the changes and find stability once again.


The Tower Tarot Spread is best performed with a deck of 78 cards. Shuffle the deck thoroughly and then draw five cards. Place them in the following order:

  1. Base: Place this card in the center of the spread.
  2. Catalyst: Place this card to the left of the Base card.
  3. Consequence: Place this card to the right of the Base card.
  4. Lesson: Place this card above the Base card.
  5. Path Forward: Place this card below the Base card.

Once the cards are in place, interpret them using the meanings outlined above. Pay close attention to the relationship between each card and how they connect to tell the story of the transformative event that is unfolding in your life.

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