Will Asking for a Tarot Reading Refund Affect My Luck?


The act of requesting a refund for a tarot reading is a complex one, involving ethical considerations, spiritual beliefs, and personal values. ere’s a detailed exploration of potential impacts and the best course of action when facing such a situation:

1. Karma and Ethics:

When it comes to tarot readings, karma plays a crucial role in the exchange of energy. Some believe that requesting a refund disrupts the energetic flow, as the reader has already invested their time and energy into the reading. This action could potentially lead to negative consequences, such as bad luck or hindered spiritual growth.

2. Understanding the Value of a Reading:

Tarot readings are not merely about predicting the future but also about gaining insights into oneself and current circumstances. The reader’s interpretation of the cards provides valuable guidance and support, which is a service that deserves compensation. Even if the reading does not resonate with the recipient, it still requires the reader’s expertise and time.

3. Refund Policies and Reader Boundaries:

Many tarot readers set clear refund policies to protect their time and energy. It’s essential to respect these boundaries and adhere to the agreed-upon terms. Requesting a refund in violation of the policy can create tension between the reader and the recipient.

4. Communication and Transparency:

Open and honest communication is key. If there are genuine concerns or dissatisfaction with the reading, it’s advisable to reach out to the reader directly. Explain the reasons for requesting a refund and be willing to listen to their perspective.

5. Alternative to Refunds:

Consider whether there are alternative options to a full refund. Perhaps a partial refund or a follow-up reading to address specific concerns would be a more mutually acceptable solution.

6. The Role of Trust and Connection:

A tarot reading often involves the development of a sense of trust and connection between the reader and the recipient. Requesting a refund can disrupt this bond and affect the energy of future readings.

7. Self-Reflection and Responsibility:

The decision of whether or not to ask for a refund should not be taken lightly. It’s crucial to reflect on one’s own motivations and values. Is the refund request based on a genuine concern or a desire to avoid responsibility for the reading?

8. The Importance of Gratitude:

Even if a reading does not fully meet expectations, it’s essential to acknowledge the time and effort put in by the reader. Expressing gratitude for their guidance and support goes a long way in maintaining positive energy and fostering a healthy relationship with the tarot.

9. Seeking Guidance from Others:

If facing a difficult situation, consider seeking advice from a trusted mentor, spiritual advisor, or friend who can provide an unbiased perspective and guidance.

10. Trust Your Intuition:

Ultimately, the best course of action is the one that aligns with your intuition and inner wisdom. Listen to your gut feeling and make a decision that feels right for you while respecting the ethics and boundaries of the situation.


The decision to ask for a tarot reading refund is a personal one that requires careful consideration. By understanding the potential implications, communicating effectively, and prioritizing ethical behavior, you can navigate this situation respectfully and maintain a positive connection with the reader while honoring your own needs.

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