Tarot Card Divination for Future Spouse



Divination is a practice of gaining insight into the future using various methods such as crystal ball gazing, oracles, and tarot cards. Tarot cards are a popular tool for divination, and they offer a rich and symbolic way to explore aspects of our present and potential future. This reading will focus on using tarot cards to gain insight into your future spouse, exploring themes such as love, marriage, and commitment.

The Reading

To begin this reading, you will need a traditional tarot deck and a quiet space where you can focus. Once you have gathered your materials, shuffle the deck thoroughly while thinking about your question. Once you feel connected to the cards, lay them out in the following spread:

Alignment: This card represents your current emotional state and alignment with your future spouse.

Strengths: This card represents the strengths of your future relationship.

Challenges: This card represents the challenges you may face in your future relationship.

opes and Dreams: This card represents your hopes and dreams for your future relationship.



  • The Sun: A strong and positive connection with your future spouse. You are aligned in terms of values, goals, and emotional maturity.

  • The Lovers: A deep and passionate connection with your future spouse. You are drawn to each other magnetically and share a strong level of intimacy.

  • The Chariot: A sense of purpose and determination in your pursuit of a relationship. You are focused on finding a compatible partner and have a clear vision for your future together.


  • The World: A sense of completion and fulfillment in your future relationship. You will find a deep and lasting connection with your spouse.

  • The Empress: A nurturing and supportive relationship. You will find a partner who provides you with love, stability, and emotional security.

  • The Emperor: A strong and authoritative relationship. You will find a partner who provides you with leadership, protection, and a sense of direction.


  • The Tower: A potential for sudden and unexpected events that could challenge the relationship.

  • The Devil: A potential for power struggles, jealousy, or manipulation in the relationship.

  • The Moon: A sense of uncertainty or emotional instability. You may have doubts or fears about your future relationship.

opes and Dreams

  • The Star: A sense of hope and optimism for the future. You believe in the possibility of finding a loving and fulfilling relationship.

  • The anged Man: A willingness to make sacrifices or compromises for the sake of the relationship.

  • The Wheel of Fortune: A sense of destiny or serendipity. You believe that you will meet your future spouse at the right time and place.


Future Spouse: A caring, supportive, and ambitious individual with a strong moral compass. They are likely to be intelligent, compassionate, and share your values.

Marriage: A long-lasting and stable marriage based on mutual respect, love, and compromise. You will find a deep and meaningful connection with your spouse.

Commitment: A strong commitment to the relationship and a deep understanding of the importance of partnership. You will work together to build a fulfilling and lasting life together.

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