Leaping Constellations Tarot Reading


Question: What is my current life path and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead?

The Cards:

1. The Magician (Upright):

  • Skill, Confidence, Manifestation
  • The Magician represents your innate abilities and talents. It signifies a time of personal power and the ability to manifest your desires through your actions and intentions.

2. The Chariot (Reversed):

  • Obstacles, Lack of Control, Willpower
  • The reversed Chariot indicates that you may be facing some obstacles or challenges on your path. You may feel a lack of control or direction, and your willpower may be tested.

3. The Emperor (Upright):

  • Authority, Leadership, Structure
  • The Emperor symbolizes authority, leadership, and structure. It suggests that you may need to take on a more assertive role in your life or to establish stronger boundaries to maintain order.

4. The Star (Upright):

  • ope, Inspiration, Guidance
  • The Star represents hope, inspiration, and guidance. It encourages you to follow your inner light and to seek spiritual support. Trust that you are being guided towards something greater.

5. The World (Upright):

  • Completion, Success, Fulfillment
  • The World represents completion, success, and fulfillment. It indicates that you are nearing the end of a significant chapter in your life, and that a sense of achievement and recognition will accompany this transition.


Your current life path is focused on harnessing your skills and abilities (Magician) to overcome obstacles (Chariot) and assert your authority (Emperor). You are being guided by spiritual forces (Star) and are approaching a significant milestone (World).


  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges (Chariot reversed)
  • Lack of control or direction
  • Establishing stronger boundaries (Emperor)


  • arnessing your talents and abilities (Magician)
  • Seeking spiritual guidance (Star)
  • Achieving completion and success (World)


  • Embrace your power and manifest your desires (Magician)
  • Persevere through challenges and maintain a positive attitude (Chariot reversed)
  • Set clear boundaries and take charge of your life (Emperor)
  • Trust your intuition and follow your inner guidance (Star)
  • Celebrate your accomplishments and look forward to a successful future (World)

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