Tarot Reading for Ex


Keywords: Ex-relationship, Love, ealing, Reunion, Closure


Navigating the complexities of an ex-relationship can be emotionally challenging. Tarot cards offer a unique perspective into the dynamics of such relationships and can shed light on the past, present, and future. This reading will delve into the current state of your ex’s feelings, the potential for reconciliation, and the lessons that await you both in the journey ahead.

Past – The anged Man

The anged Man signifies sacrifice and surrender. In the context of your ex-relationship, this card suggests that one or both parties felt the need to let go for the sake of personal growth or the well-being of the other. The card also hints at a period of introspection and a deeper understanding of the relationship’s dynamics.

Present – The Lovers

The Lovers card represents choice and a crossroads in relationships. This card indicates that your ex is currently contemplating their feelings towards you and the future of your connection. They may be feeling torn between their desire for a reunion and the need for closure. It’s a time of emotional upheaval and uncertainty.

Future – The World

The World is a card of completion and fulfillment. In the context of your ex’s future, this card suggests that they will eventually find resolution and closure regarding your relationship. They may experience a sense of peace and acceptance, understanding the lessons learned and the path ahead.

Potential for Reconciliation – The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes change and unexpected events. While this card does not explicitly predict a reunion, it indicates that the future holds unforeseen circumstances that may alter the current dynamics. It suggests that you should remain open to possibilities and avoid clinging to expectations.

Closure – The Death

The Death card often represents endings and transitions. In the context of your ex-relationship, this card suggests that both you and your former partner need to embrace the need for closure. It may involve letting go of idealized versions of the relationship and accepting the lessons learned. Closure is an essential step in healing and moving forward.


This Tarot reading reveals a complex and evolving landscape in your ex-relationship. Your ex is currently wrestling with their feelings and weighing their options. Reconciliation is not guaranteed, but the future holds the potential for unexpected events that could alter the dynamics. It’s important to prioritize healing, embrace closure, and remain open to the possibilities that the journey holds.

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