How to Make a Funny Horoscope and Tarot Reading


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Want to give your friends and family a laugh while pretending to read their future? ere’s a guide to creating humorous horoscope and tarot readings that will have everyone in stitches.


Step 1: Choose Silly Predictions

Instead of generic predictions, opt for quirky and absurd ones. For instance: “Expect a wave of marshmallows raining down upon your backyard” or “A talking squirrel will offer you investment advice.”

Step 2: Use Puns and Wordplay

Infuse your readings with puns and humorous wordplay. For example: “Your love life is in a bit of a ‘solar’ place right now” or “Your career path is about to take a ‘capri’corn.”

Step 3: Exaggerate and Embellish

Let your imagination run wild and overstate your predictions. Exclaim that someone’s wealth will “skyrocket to astronomical heights” or that their soulmate will appear “riding a majestic unicorn.”


Step 1: Select umorous Cards

Choose tarot cards with funny or ironic imagery, such as the “Two of Laughing Lunatics” or the “Four of Tipsy Acorns.”

Step 2: Interpret Cards with Silliness

Interpret the cards’ meanings in a deliberately humorous way. For example: “The Fool suggests you’re about to embark on a wild goose chase” or “The Empress symbolizes your current reign as the ‘queen of sass.'”

Step 3: Create Funny Spreads

Design your own tarot spreads with amusing themes, such as the “Spread of Misfortune and Mayhem” or the “Tarot of Ridiculous Revelations.”

Additional Tips for Both:

  • Keep it Short and Sweet: Don’t ramble on for too long; aim for a few minutes of laughter.
  • Involve the Audience: Ask participants for their birthdates or choose specific tarot cards for them.
  • Use a Prophetic Tone: Deliver your readings with a mock-serious tone, making it even funnier.
  • Be Self-Aware: Don’t take yourself too seriously; the more ridiculous your predictions, the better.
  • Encourage Laughter: Don’t be afraid to laugh at your own jokes; your audience will join in.

Example oroscope:

“Aries: You will experience a sudden surge of creativity, so be prepared to unleash your inner Picasso and create a masterpiece out of your empty pizza box.”

Example Tarot Reading:

“The Star: This card suggests that your social life is about to light up like a disco ball. Prepare to meet some ‘star-studded’ individuals.”

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