How to Read Tarot Cards for Temperament of Future Mother-in-Law – Keyword


1. Preparation:

  • Choose a quiet and private space.
  • Gather your tarot deck and a pen and paper for notes.
  • Take some deep breaths and center yourself.

2. Identify the Significator:

  • For your mother-in-law, the significator is The Queen of Cups.
  • Shuffle the deck and draw a card to represent her.

3. The Temperament:

  • The Queen of Cups: This card represents a woman who is compassionate, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent. She is often a nurturing and supportive figure, but she can also be emotional and sensitive.
  • Upright: The upright Queen of Cups suggests a future mother-in-law who is loving and caring. She will be supportive of your relationship and will offer emotional guidance.
  • Reversed: The reversed Queen of Cups indicates a woman who may be unstable, manipulative, or unpredictable. She could be clingy or overbearing, and her emotions can be volatile.

4. The Influence:

  • Court Cards: Neighboring court cards can provide additional insights into her personality and influence.
  • Wands: Passionate, impulsive, independent
  • Pentacles: Practical, grounded, ambitious
  • Swords: Intellectually sharp, logical, assertive
  • Pentacles: Financially stable, security-oriented, possessive

5. The Challenges:

  • Negative Cards: Surrounding negative cards can indicate challenges in the relationship.
  • The Tower: Upheaval, unexpected changes, conflict
  • The Devil: Temptation, addiction, unhealthy attachments
  • The Moon: Deception, secrets, hidden fears
  • The anged Man: Sacrifice, waiting, stagnation

6. The Advice:

  • Positive Cards: Look for positive cards to guide your approach.
  • The Star: ope, guidance, spiritual growth
  • The Sun: Joy, success, warmth
  • The World: Fulfillment, completion, closure

7. Additional Considerations:

  • Astrological Associations: The Queen of Cups is associated with the water element and the zodiac sign Cancer.
  • Numerology: The number 4 in the card indicates stability and balance.


Reading tarot cards for the temperament of your future mother-in-law can provide valuable insights into her personality, challenges, and influence on your relationship. By understanding her emotional landscape, you can better navigate the complexities of family dynamics and build a harmonious bond.

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