Divination Tarot Card – Auspicious Directions for the Future


The Concept of Auspicious Directions in Tarot Card Reading

In the realm of divination, the notion of auspicious directions plays a significant role in Tarot card readings. Each direction, associated with specific elements and symbols, is believed to hold unique energies that can influence the outcome of events. By understanding the auspicious directions associated with the cards drawn, one can gain insights into the most favorable paths to take in life.

Auspicious Directions and the Four Elements

The four main compass directions – North, East, South, and West – correspond to the four classical elements of nature:

  • North: Earth, stability, grounding
  • East: Air, intellect, communication
  • South: Fire, passion, prosperity
  • West: Water, intuition, emotions

Symbols and Associations with Auspicious Directions

In addition to the elements, specific symbols and associations are linked to each direction:

  • North (Earth): Mountains, trees, home, foundations
  • East (Air): Birds, clouds, knowledge, travel
  • South (Fire): Sun, candles, ambition, success
  • West (Water): Sea, rivers, emotions, creativity

Determining Auspicious Directions for the Future

To determine the auspicious directions for the future using Tarot cards, follow these steps:

  1. Shuffle the Deck: Thoroughly mix the cards, focusing on your question about future opportunities.
  2. Draw Three Cards: Randomly select three cards from the deck.
  3. Interpret the Card Positions: Note the positions of the cards in relation to you.
  4. Associate Directions with Elements: Match the elements associated with each card to the corresponding directions.

Sample Interpretation

Consider an example reading where the cards drawn are:

  • The World (North – Earth)
  • The Chariot (East – Air)
  • The Sun (South – Fire)

The interpretation suggests that:

  • North (Earth): Building a stable foundation, focusing on practical matters and family life.
  • East (Air): Communicating effectively, pursuing intellectual endeavors, and traveling.
  • South (Fire): Manifesting success, pursuing ambitious goals, and enjoying prosperity.

Specific Auspicious Directions for Different Aspects of Life

While the general auspicious directions provide a broad framework, more specific directions can be attributed to different aspects of life:

Career: North (Earth), East (Air)Love: East (Air), South (Fire)ealth: East (Air), West (Water)Spirituality: West (Water)


Understanding the auspicious directions associated with Tarot card readings can empower individuals to make informed decisions and navigate life’s challenges with greater awareness. By aligning with the positive energies of the elements and symbols, one can enhance their chances of achieving success, well-being, and fulfillment.

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