How to Read Tarot Cards for Someone Else’s Future



Tarot card readings can offer profound insights into a person’s future, revealing potentials, challenges, and opportunities. As a reader, it is an honor and a privilege to delve into another’s destiny. This guide will provide comprehensive instructions on how to give accurate and meaningful tarot card readings for someone else’s future, exploring essential techniques, interpretations, and spreads.

Step 1: Establish a Relationship with the Subject

Before conducting a reading, it is crucial to connect with the person you are reading for. Establishing rapport builds trust and allows for a more accurate and insightful reading. Take time to learn about their concerns, hopes, and expectations.

Step 2: Choose a Deck and Shuffle

Select a tarot deck that you resonate with and that aligns with the nature of the reading. Shuffle the deck thoroughly, ensuring that the cards are well mixed. This shuffling process helps to break up any mental or emotional blockages and allows the cards to speak freely.

Step 3: Ask the Question and Draw the Cards

ave the subject focus on a specific question or area of their life that they would like clarity on. Then, ask them to cut the deck into three piles and gather the top card from each pile. These three cards will represent the past, present, and future.

Step 4: Interpret the Cards

Each card in the tarot deck carries unique meanings and symbolism. When interpreting the cards, it is important to consider the context of the reading, the subject’s personality and situation, and the combination of cards. Pay attention to the imagery, colors, and numbers on the cards.

Step 5: Create a Narrative

Once the cards have been interpreted, weave a tapestry of words that connects the past, present, and future. Explain how the cards relate to the subject’s question and provide insights into potential challenges, opportunities, and advice.

Step 6: Offer Guidance and Closure

After presenting the reading, allow time for the subject to reflect and ask questions. Provide guidance and support, but avoid making definitive predictions. Emphasize the power of choice and the potential for change. End the reading on a positive note, leaving the subject feeling empowered and hopeful.

Essential Techniques

Card Reversals

Reversed cards indicate a shift in the traditional meaning of the card. They can represent obstacles, delays, or challenges.

Court Cards

Court cards symbolize specific individuals in the subject’s life. They provide insights into relationships, personality traits, and potential interactions.

Element Combinations

The four elements (fire, water, earth, and air) correspond to different aspects of life. Matching elements in a spread can indicate harmony, while clashing elements may suggest conflict or tension.


Tarot cards can indicate the timing of events through the use of specific cards or astrological correspondences.


Different tarot spreads are used to explore specific areas of life. Some common spreads include the Celtic Cross, the Three of Life, and the orseshoe Spread.

Sample Reading

Question: What does the future hold for my career?

Past: The Chariot (reversed): Previous challenges or setbacks in the career journey.Present: The Sun: Success, recognition, and a sense of fulfillment.Future: The Two of Wands: New choices, opportunities, and a need to take calculated risks.

Interpretation: After overcoming previous obstacles, the subject is now experiencing a period of growth and accomplishment. The Two of Wands suggests that they will soon be presented with new opportunities. They will need to make wise choices and have the courage to embrace change to achieve their career goals.


Giving tarot card readings for someone else’s future is a profound and rewarding experience. By following the steps outlined above and mastering essential techniques and interpretations, you can provide accurate and meaningful insights that can empower and inspire others. Remember to approach each reading with compassion, integrity, and a deep respect for the power of the cards.

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