What the Next 7 Years Hold, According to Tarot



Tarot cards have been used for centuries to provide guidance and insight into the future. They offer a unique perspective on our lives, revealing potential outcomes and challenges that lie ahead. This in-depth reading will explore your destiny, growth, challenges, opportunities, and transformation over the next seven years.

Destiny: The Path Laid Out

The Star: The Star card appears in your reading, indicating that you are on the cusp of a profound destiny. You possess a unique spark that will lead you to extraordinary accomplishments. Embrace your dreams and aspirations, as they will guide you toward your true calling. This path will be marked by moments of clarity and inspiration, where your intuition and spiritual connection will be heightened.

Growth: Lessons and Expansions

The Fool: The Fool card represents new beginnings and a willingness to embrace the unknown. This card suggests that you will embark on a journey of personal growth and expansion over the next seven years. You will explore new perspectives, push your boundaries, and discover hidden talents. It’s important to stay open-minded and adaptable during this time, as unexpected opportunities will arise to facilitate your growth.

The Chariot: The Chariot card indicates that you will possess determination and drive to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. You will develop a strong sense of purpose and direction, which will propel you forward. This card encourages you to harness your inner strength and embrace the challenges that come your way, as they will ultimately contribute to your growth and success.

Challenges: Obstacles and Trials

The Tower: The Tower card symbolizes unexpected change and upheaval. It suggests that you may encounter significant challenges over the next seven years that will test your resilience and adaptability. owever, these challenges are not meant to break you but to transform you. Embrace the lessons they bring, as they will ultimately lead to a stronger foundation and a deeper understanding of yourself.

The Devil: The Devil card warns of potential temptations and distractions that may lead you astray. It represents the dark side of your nature that can sabotage your progress if left unchecked. Be mindful of your choices and actions, and seek support from trusted individuals when facing temptations or setbacks. Maintaining strong boundaries and staying true to your values will help you navigate this challenge successfully.

Opportunities: Pathways to Advancement

The Empress: The Empress card signifies abundance, creativity, and fertility. It indicates that you will have ample opportunities to nurture your talents and bring forth new ideas and projects. Embrace your creativity and allow your passions to guide you. This card encourages you to invest in yourself and your dreams, as they have the potential to bear fruit and bring joy and fulfillment.

The World: The World card represents completion and achievement. It suggests that you will experience a sense of closure and accomplishment at the end of this seven-year period. Your hard work and dedication will pay off, and you will reach a milestone that brings you a sense of deep satisfaction and fulfillment. Celebrate your successes and cherish the experiences that have shaped you along the way.

Transformation: The Evolution Within

The anged Man: The anged Man card represents a period of suspension and introspection. It suggests that you may experience a time of waiting or uncertainty where you feel detached from your surroundings. Use this time to reflect on your past experiences and to explore new perspectives. Trust that the universe is guiding you towards a higher purpose, and embrace the lessons that come with this period of transition.

The Sun: The Sun card represents joy, vitality, and success. It indicates that you will experience a period of great personal growth and fulfillment. Your confidence will soar, and you will feel inspired to shine your light and share your gifts with the world. Use this time to pursue your dreams and to live a life that is filled with purpose and passion.


The next seven years will be a time of significant growth, challenges, opportunities, and transformation. By embracing your destiny, staying open to new experiences, and navigating the obstacles with resilience, you will ultimately emerge as a stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled individual. The Tarot cards have revealed a path of potential and possibility. It is up to you to seize the opportunities, learn from the challenges, and create a future that is aligned with your dreams and aspirations.

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