How to Perform a Tarot Reading for a Scorpio’s Fortune


The Process:

1. Set Intention:

Clear your mind and connect with your intuition. Focus on the questions or areas of your life you seek guidance for.

2. Shuffle the Deck:

old the deck with both hands and shuffle thoroughly, allowing your subconscious to activate.

3. Cut the Deck:

Use your non-dominant hand to cut the deck into three piles. Stack the piles on top of each other to reform the deck.

4. Choose Your Cards:

Draw three cards from the top of the deck, each representing a different aspect of your fortune.

5. Interpret the Cards:

Card 1: Past InfluencesExamine the first card to understand the underlying factors and past events shaping your current situation.

Card 2: Present CircumstancesThe second card reveals the current energies and challenges you face.

Card 3: Future PotentialThe third card shows the potential outcomes and opportunities that lie before you.

Interpretation Guide:

Suit of Wands

  • Fire: Passion, enthusiasm, creativity
  • King of Wands: Leadership, ambition, assertiveness
  • Queen of Wands: Creative expression, confidence, independence

Suit of Cups

  • Water: Emotions, relationships, intuition
  • King of Cups: Sensitivity, empathy, compassion
  • Queen of Cups: Nurturing, love, emotional depth

Suit of Swords

  • Air: Intellect, communication, conflict
  • King of Swords: Clarity, logic, authority
  • Queen of Swords: Independence, intelligence, sharpness

Suit of Pentacles

  • Earth: Stability, finances, practicality
  • King of Pentacles: Security, success, wealth
  • Queen of Pentacles: Practicality, organization, abundance

Major Arcana

  • The Fool: Adventures, new beginnings, naivety
  • The World: Completion, success, fulfillment
  • The Lovers: Relationships, choices, harmony

Example Reading:

Card 1: The Fool (Reversed)Interpretation: This indicates a lack of clarity or direction, a need to embrace new perspectives.

Card 2: The Queen of CupsInterpretation: Your emotions are strong and flowing, creating a sense of depth and connection.

Card 3: The ChariotInterpretation: You have the willpower and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Overall Interpretation: This reading suggests that you are going through a time of uncertainty and questioning but have the potential to move forward with passion and purpose. Trust your intuition and embrace the opportunities that arise.

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