Tarot, Astrology and Planetary Divination


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The practice of combining astrology and tarot divination, known as astro-tarot, is a powerful tool for understanding the cosmic influences that shape our lives. Each planet, constellation, and zodiac sign holds a unique energy that corresponds to specific tarot cards. By drawing connections between these celestial bodies and the cards they represent, we can gain insights into our personality, relationships, and life path.

Planets and Tarot

| Planet | Corresponding Tarot Card | Energy and Symbolism ||—|—|—|| Sun | Strength | Vitality, self-confidence, authenticity || Moon | igh Priestess | Intuition, hidden knowledge, mystery || Mercury | Magician | Communication, intellect, adaptability || Venus | Lovers | Relationships, beauty, harmony || Mars | Chariot | Drive, ambition, passion || Jupiter | Wheel of Fortune | Luck, expansion, growth || Saturn | Tower | Challenges, discipline, responsibility || Uranus | Star | Innovation, originality, inspiration || Neptune | Moon (Reversed) | Spirituality, dreams, intuition || Pluto | Death | Transformation, rebirth, power |

Zodiac Signs and Tarot

| Zodiac Sign | Ruling Planet | Corresponding Tarot Court Card | Energy and Symbolism ||—|—|—|—|| Aries | Mars | King of Wands | Bold, energetic, entrepreneurial || Taurus | Venus | Queen of Pentacles | Stable, grounded, sensual || Gemini | Mercury | Prince of Swords | Intelligent, communicative, curious || Cancer | Moon | Queen of Cups | Emotional, nurturing, intuitive || Leo | Sun | King of Cups | Charismatic, creative, confident || Virgo | Mercury | Prince of Pentacles | Analytical, organized, hardworking || Libra | Venus | Queen of Swords | Diplomatic, balanced, graceful || Scorpio | Pluto | King of Pentacles | Intense, transformative, passionate || Sagittarius | Jupiter | Prince of Wands | Optimistic, adventurous, philosophical || Capricorn | Saturn | King of Swords | Ambitious, disciplined, responsible || Aquarius | Uranus | Prince of Cups | Independent, original, progressive || Pisces | Neptune | Queen of Wands | Creative, imaginative, compassionate |

ouses and Tarot

The astrological houses represent different areas of life, and their corresponding tarot cards provide insights into specific domains. For example:

  • 1st ouse (Self): The Fool
  • 2nd ouse (Wealth): Pentacles
  • 3rd ouse (Communication): Swords
  • 4th ouse (ome): Cups
  • 5th ouse (Creativity): Wands
  • 6th ouse (ealth): The ermit
  • 7th ouse (Relationships): The Chariot
  • 8th ouse (Transformation): Death
  • 9th ouse (Travel): The Wheel of Fortune
  • 10th ouse (Career): The Emperor or Empress
  • 11th ouse (Community): The Star
  • 12th ouse (Spirituality): The anged Man

Elements and Tarot

The four elements (fire, earth, air, and water) correspond to specific suits in tarot:

  • Fire (Wands): Passion, intuition, creativity
  • Earth (Pentacles): Stability, practicality, wealth
  • Air (Swords): Communication, intellect, logic
  • Water (Cups): Emotion, intuition, relationships

Aspects and Tarot

Aspects represent the angles between planets in an astrological chart and influence the way they interact. Certain aspects correspond to specific tarot cards, such as:

  • Conjunction (0°): The Sun
  • Trine (120°): The Star
  • Square (90°): The Tower
  • Opposition (180°): The Devil

Combining Astrology and Tarot

To combine astrology and tarot, consider the following steps:

  1. Cast an astrological chart: Calculate the positions of planets and signs at the time of interest.
  2. Identify the corresponding tarot cards: Refer to the tables above to match celestial bodies with tarot cards.
  3. Interpret the cards: Analyze the meaning of the cards in relation to the astrological chart.
  4. Integrate the insights: Combine the astrological and tarot interpretations to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.


The combination of astrology and tarot provides a powerful tool for gaining insights into our lives. By understanding the cosmic influences that shape us and connecting them to the symbolism of tarot cards, we can uncover hidden truths and gain valuable guidance on our life path.

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