Fortune-Telling Tarot: The Future Husband



The Tower in your spread suggests that your future husband will be a strong and dominant figure. e will likely have a commanding presence and be tall or well-built. is facial features may be sharp and angular, with piercing eyes that convey intelligence and determination. Regarding physical attributes, he could possess thick, dark hair and a strong jawline.


The Lovers in your reading indicate that your future husband will be a passionate and loving individual. e will value emotional connection and prioritize creating a harmonious and affectionate relationship. is intuitive nature will allow him to understand your needs and provide emotional support. The appearance of the Empress card suggests that he may be nurturing, protective, and have a strong desire for family and stability.


The Magician card in your spread points towards a career that involves creativity, communication, or leadership. Your future husband may be inclined to pursue roles that allow him to express his ideas and inspire others. Professions like artist, writer, entrepreneur, or manager could align well with his skillset. The World card suggests that he may achieve success and recognition in his field.

Future Relationship:

The Sun card represents a bright and fulfilling relationship in your future. Your bond with your husband will be filled with joy, passion, and an unshakeable sense of commitment. You will share a common vision and work together to build a happy and fulfilling life. The appearance of the Star card indicates that you will find solace and inspiration in each other’s company.

Additional Insights:

  • The Chariot card suggests that your future husband will be ambitious and driven, with a strong work ethic and a desire to succeed.
  • The Wheel of Fortune signifies that you will encounter unexpected events or opportunities that will shape your relationship together.
  • The ierophant card implies that marriage or commitment may be an important part of your future together.
  • The ermit card may indicate a period of solitude or introspection for you before meeting your future husband.
  • The Strength card suggests that you will possess inner strength and resilience to overcome any challenges that may arise in your relationship.

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