How to Break the Bad Fortune of Tarot Card Divination



Tarot card divination is a popular method of seeking guidance and insight into the future. owever, sometimes the cards may reveal negative or unfavorable outcomes, which can leave you feeling anxious or discouraged. Fortunately, there are several ways to break the bad fortune of tarot card divination and restore a positive energy flow.

Understanding the Negative Influence

Before delving into the methods of breaking bad fortune, it’s crucial to understand the potential negative influences that tarot card divination may bring. These influences may stem from:

  • Negative Energetic Attachments: Tarot cards are believed to hold energetic connections to both the querent (the person seeking divination) and the situation being inquired about. Negative thoughts, emotions, or past experiences can become attached to the cards, influencing the reading in an unfavorable way.

  • Limited Perspective: Tarot cards provide a glimpse into potential outcomes based on the current circumstances. owever, they do not account for the querent’s free will or the possibility of positive interventions. This limited perspective can lead to feelings of fatalism or hopelessness.

  • Psychological Projection: The querent’s own subconscious fears, anxieties, and biases can project themselves onto the tarot cards, resulting in negative interpretations.

Rituals for Breaking Bad Fortune

1. Cleansing Ritual:

  • Materials: Salt, water, sage or incense
  • Steps:
    • Create a sacred space by clearing the area and setting your intention.
    • Sprinkle salt around the perimeter to create a protective boundary.
    • Place a bowl of water in the center to absorb negative energy.
    • Light sage or incense and allow the smoke to cleanse the space.

2. Releasing Ritual:

  • Materials: Paper, pen, fireproof container
  • Steps:
    • Write down all the negative thoughts, emotions, or experiences associated with the tarot reading.
    • Express your gratitude for the insights gained, but release any limiting or unhelpful interpretations.
    • Burn the paper in a fireproof container, symbolizing the release of the negative energy.

Belief and Mindset Shifts

1. Belief in Positive Outcomes:

Challenge the negativity surrounding the tarot reading and focus on the potential for growth and positive change. Believe that you have the power to shape your own destiny and that the cards are merely a guide.

2. Embracing Duality:

Recognize that both positive and negative outcomes are a natural part of life. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, focus on the lessons and opportunities that even challenging situations may present.

3. Seeking Support:

Share your concerns with a trusted friend, family member, or spiritual advisor. They can provide support, encouragement, and a different perspective to help you break free from negative patterns.

Spells and Incantations

1. Protection Incantation:

  • Words: “By the power of the divine, I banish negativity and invite protection. May my path be clear, and my fortune be turned for the better.”

2. Fortune Reversal Spell:

  • Materials: Green candle, salt, cinnamon, bay leaf
  • Steps:
    • Inscribe the candle with your name and birthdate.
    • Sprinkle salt around the base of the candle to protect against negative energy.
    • Mix cinnamon and crushed bay leaf and sprinkle it on the candle to attract positive fortune.
    • Light the candle and meditate on your desired positive outcome.

Traditional Practices

1. Changing the Deck:

  • If you consistently receive negative readings from a particular deck, consider changing it to one that better resonates with your energy.

2. Consulting a Different Reader:

  • Seek a second opinion from an experienced tarot reader who may offer a different interpretation or provide additional guidance.

3. Timed Break from Divination:

  • Take a break from tarot card divination for a period of time to clear your mind and reconnect with your intuition.


Breaking the bad fortune of tarot card divination requires a multifaceted approach that involves rituals, belief shifts, spells, traditional practices, and a willingness to embrace positive energy. By understanding the negative influences, releasing limiting interpretations, and cultivating a positive mindset, you can transform unfavorable outcomes into opportunities for growth and empowerment. Remember, the cards hold only potential, and you have the power to shape your own destiny.

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