Will My Future Husband Be Unfaithful?



The fear of infidelity can be a significant concern for many individuals considering marriage. While it’s impossible to predict the future with absolute certainty, exploring the potential for infidelity through the lens of tarot cards can provide insights into personality traits, situational influences, and warning signs that may suggest a higher likelihood of unfaithfulness.

Personality Traits

1. The Magician:

Individuals with this card in their spread may possess a charismatic and alluring personality. While they can be charming and engaging, they also tend to be impulsive and have a need for constant attention. The Magician’s energy suggests a potential for seeking excitement and validation outside of a committed relationship.

2. The Chariot:

The Chariot represents ambition and determination. Those who have this card in their reading may be highly driven and focused on achieving their goals. owever, their ambition can sometimes lead them to prioritize career and personal pursuits over their relationships, potentially creating emotional distance and neglect.

3. The Devil:

The Devil is often associated with temptation, addiction, and excessive behavior. Individuals influenced by this card may have a strong desire for physical gratification and a tendency to indulge in impulsive actions that could compromise their relationship vows.

Situational Influences

1. The Tower:

The Tower represents sudden and unexpected change. It can suggest that the relationship may encounter unforeseen challenges that test the couple’s commitment and loyalty. If this card appears in a spread, it’s important to be aware of potential external factors that could put strain on the relationship.

2. The Wheel of Fortune:

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes change, fate, and unpredictable events. This card’s presence in a spread suggests that the relationship is subject to external forces that may influence the partner’s behavior and choices.

3. The Star:

The Star represents hope, optimism, and renewal. It can indicate that the couple has a strong bond and a shared vision for the future. owever, if this card appears in conjunction with other cards that suggest infidelity, it could symbolize a longing for a sense of connection and fulfillment that is not being met within the relationship.

Red Flags and Warning Signs

1. Secrecy and Dishonesty:

If your future partner exhibits a pattern of being secretive or dishonest, it could be a warning sign. Unwillingness to share information, hiding phone calls or messages, and evasive answers can indicate a lack of transparency and potential for unfaithfulness.

2. Emotional Distance:

Emotional distance can be a sign that a partner is emotionally disengaged from the relationship. If your future partner shows a lack of empathy, affection, or interest in spending quality time with you, it could suggest that their emotional needs are being met elsewhere.

3. Infidelity in Past Relationships:

If your future partner has a history of infidelity, it’s important to be aware of this pattern. While it’s not a guarantee that they will be unfaithful in the future, it does raise a red flag and should be discussed openly before marriage.


While tarot cards can offer insights into potential influences and warning signs, it’s important to remember that they do not provide definitive predictions of the future. The likelihood of infidelity is multifaceted and can depend on a combination of personality traits, situational factors, and individual choices. Ultimately, trusting your instincts, open communication, and maintaining a strong and fulfilling relationship are the best ways to mitigate the potential for unfaithfulness.

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