Career Tarot Spread: What Does the Future Hold?


What is the Career Tarot Spread?

The Career Tarot Spread is an intuitive tool used to gain insights into your professional life. It can help you identify potential career paths, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and even uncover hidden obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.

ow to Perform the Career Tarot Spread

  1. Shuffle the deck. Take a moment to focus on your question, then thoroughly shuffle the tarot deck.
  2. Select the cards. Draw six cards from the shuffled deck and arrange them in the following order:

  3. Position 1 (Current Career): This card represents your current professional situation, including your job title, responsibilities, and work environment.

  4. Position 2 (Future Potential): This card indicates potential career paths or roles that may align with your interests and skills.
  5. Position 3 (Strengths): This card highlights your strengths and abilities that can be valuable in your career.
  6. Position 4 (Weaknesses): This card identifies areas where you may need to improve or develop your skills.
  7. Position 5 (Obstacles): This card reveals potential challenges or obstacles that may hinder your career progress.
  8. Position 6 (Advice): This final card provides guidance and advice on how to navigate your career path and overcome obstacles.

Interpreting the Career Tarot Spread

Position 1 (Current Career):

  • Analyze the card’s suit (Minor Arcana) or type (Major Arcana) to identify the general nature of your current work.
  • Pay attention to the card’s imagery and symbolism to understand the specific aspects of your current employment.
  • Consider how the card relates to your job title, responsibilities, and work environment.

Position 2 (Future Potential):

  • Explore the card’s potential interpretations and consider how they relate to your interests, skills, and aspirations.
  • Examine the card’s connection to different career paths or roles that may be suitable for you.
  • Identify any hidden opportunities or unexplored areas that the card might suggest.

Position 3 (Strengths):

  • Recognize the positive qualities and abilities highlighted by the card.
  • Consider how your strengths can support your career goals and contribute to your success.
  • Explore ways to enhance and leverage your strengths in your professional pursuits.

Position 4 (Weaknesses):

  • Identify the areas where you may need to grow and develop.
  • Understand that weaknesses are not insurmountable but rather indicate opportunities for improvement.
  • Seek opportunities to address your weaknesses and strengthen your skill set.

Position 5 (Obstacles):

  • Recognize the challenges or obstacles that the card reveals.
  • Analyze the nature of the obstacle and how it may impact your career path.
  • Consider strategies for overcoming or mitigating the obstacles in your way.

Position 6 (Advice):

  • Read the card’s message carefully and reflect on its implications for your career path.
  • Understand the advice provided and consider how you can apply it to your professional life.
  • Trust your intuition and make decisions that align with the guidance provided by the card.

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