How to Read Tarot Cards for Your Short-Term Fortune


Understanding the Basics

Tarot card reading is an ancient practice used to gain insight into one’s life path, relationships, and future events. While it can provide guidance for any time frame, it can be particularly helpful for understanding your immediate fortune.

Choosing Your Spread

The spread, or the arrangement of cards on the table, is a crucial part of any tarot reading. For a short-term fortune reading, consider using a simple three-card spread:

  • Past: A card representing recent events that have influenced your current situation.
  • Present: A card representing your current state of affairs.
  • Future: A card representing the near future, indicating potential outcomes.

Interpreting the Cards

The meaning of each card varies depending on its position in the spread and its combination with other cards. ere’s a general guide to interpretation:

Past: Aces: New beginnings, opportunities. Cups: Emotional growth, relationships. Swords: Conflict, challenges. Pentacles: Finances, security.

Present: Majors: Major life events, turning points. Minors: Daily experiences, actions. Reversed Cards: Obstacles, delays.

Future: Positive Cards: Success, fulfillment. Negative Cards: Obstacles, caution. Ambiguous Cards: Uncertainty, potential for change.

Combining the Cards

To interpret the spread as a whole, consider the following:

  • Sequence of Events: Note the chronological order of the cards.
  • Card Combinations: Pay attention to the interaction between cards, especially those that are next to or reversed.
  • Overall Theme: Identify a common thread or idea that connects all three cards.

Example Reading

Let’s say you’re doing a three-card spread and you draw the following cards:

  • Past: Ace of Pentacles (new financial opportunity)
  • Present: The Chariot (determination, confidence)
  • Future: The Sun (success, fulfillment)

This reading suggests that you’ve recently received a financial opportunity (Ace of Pentacles) that has boosted your confidence (The Chariot). This newfound motivation will likely lead to a successful and fulfilling outcome in the near future (The Sun).

Additional Tips

  • Use a deck that resonates with you.
  • Trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to experiment with different spreads.
  • Keep a journal to record your readings and track your progress.
  • Be open to different interpretations and embrace the ambiguity of the cards.

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