How to Use Tarot Cards to Divine Family Relationships


The 5 Pillars of Family Readings

  1. Family Dynamics
  2. Analyze the overall health, well-being, and patterns within the family unit.
  3. Identify any underlying issues or imbalances that may be affecting family harmony.

  4. Emotional Bonds

  5. Examine the emotional connections between family members.
  6. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of these bonds, as well as any areas for growth.

  7. Communication Patterns

  8. Assess the communication patterns within the family.
  9. Determine whether there are any barriers or obstacles to effective communication.

  10. Unresolved Issues

  11. Identify any unresolved conflicts, resentments, or misunderstandings within the family.
  12. Explore the underlying causes of these issues and provide guidance for healing and reconciliation.

  13. Potential for Growth

  14. Identify areas where the family has the potential for growth and development.
  15. Provide insights and suggestions for strengthening family bonds and improving relationships.

Tarot Spreads for Family Readings

  1. Family Snapshot
  2. Use a 3-card spread to represent the past, present, and future of the family’s dynamics.
  3. This spread provides a quick overview of the family’s current situation and potential for growth.

  4. Family Compass

  5. Use a 10-card spread to examine the family’s emotional bonds, communication patterns, and potential for growth.
  6. This spread offers a more comprehensive analysis of the family’s strengths and weaknesses.

  7. Family Tree

  8. Use a 7-card spread to represent the different members of the family.
  9. This spread provides insights into the individual dynamics between family members and their roles within the family unit.

Interpreting Tarot Cards for Family Readings

Major Arcana– The Fool: New beginnings, fresh starts, innocence- The Empress: Nurturing, fertility, abundance- The Emperor: Stability, authority, leadership

Minor Arcana– Wands: Passion, creativity, inspiration- Cups: Emotions, relationships, intuition- Swords: Thoughts, communication, clarity

Sample Tarot Reading

Spread: Family Compass

1. The Family’s Foundation (Past): The ChariotInterpretation: The family has a strong foundation built on strength, determination, and a shared sense of purpose.

2. The Family’s Current Situation (Present): The Three of CupsInterpretation: The family is experiencing joy and harmony. There is a sense of unity and emotional connection among family members.

3. The Family’s Potential (Future): The SunInterpretation: The family has the potential for significant growth and happiness. There is a positive outlook and a sense of optimism for the future.

4. The Emotional Bond between Parents: The LoversInterpretation: The parents have a strong and passionate emotional bond. They are supportive and nurturing of each other.

5. The Emotional Bond between Siblings: The Two of CupsInterpretation: The siblings have a loving and supportive relationship. They are able to communicate openly and honestly with each other.

6. Communication Patterns: The Four of SwordsInterpretation: Family members need to be mindful of their communication patterns. There may be a tendency to withdraw or avoid difficult conversations.

7. Unresolved Issues: The TowerInterpretation: There are some unresolved conflicts or issues within the family that need to be addressed. These issues may be related to past events or long-held resentments.

8. Potential for Growth: The WorldInterpretation: The family has the potential to achieve great things. They have the strength and support of each other, and they are willing to work together to overcome challenges.

Tips for Conducting Family Readings

  • Create a safe and comfortable space for the reading.
  • Invite all family members to participate, if possible.
  • Be open and non-judgmental in your interpretations.
  • Focus on the positive aspects of the family and their potential for growth.
  • Offer guidance and support for any unresolved issues or challenges.

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